Family Membership

The NMS Family Office Membership Platform for Families, Family Office Executives, and High-Net-Worth Individuals,  allows NMS to preserve the integrity of our annual Forum, as well as the confidentiality of family relationships. The nurturing environment has supported the development of a robust and engaged community of families who seek to expand their knowledge and to share experiences unique to those who have the privilege and the burden of wealth. We invite you to enjoy the fellowship and camaraderie that defines our family community.

Further information about our Family Membership may be obtained by calling 516.933.3700, ext. 210.

Membership for Families is granted upon registration for the Family Office Forum, and includes admittance for one family member to the March forum.  Once received, family registrations are subject to review via our formal application and interview process.

Wealth Management Membership for Service Providers

Service Provider membership is designed to encompass a broad-cross section of firms who
serve family offices and High-Net-Worth Investors. The Membership includes a variety of advisor firms dedicated to the family office community as well as a range of consultants and investment managers across strategies and regions of the globe.

NMS Membership is appropriate for firms who provide high quality services to Families and whose own mission and approach to business is aligned with the NMS requirement of non-solicitation.  Member firms will benefit from greater presence in the family office community and will be one of a small number of service providers in an exclusive family community.

Member firms will gain access to our Forum and have benefits that promote awareness of their firms’ products and services among families in the NMS community. 

Membership for 2014 is presently closed.

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